6 Halloween Customs That Originated With the Ancient Celts

photo of a lantern in a spooky scene

The ancient Celts have a near-monopoly on things that go bump in the night. Werewolves. The Headless Horseman. Dracula. Yes, there are cases to be made that all of these monsters have their roots in Celtic mythology. And really, it’s not that surprising.

For centuries — millennia, even — the…

A Passive Income Success Story?

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before…

A few years back, I walked away from a cushy, full-time marketing job. Call it “burnout.” Call it “disillusionment.” Call it “drinking heavily and smoking myself silly to cope with the tedium of writing about subjects I had precisely zero interest in…

A Tale of Turnips, Samhain, and Severed Heads

jack-o’-lantern with green smoke coming out of the eyes

I admit it. I am one of *those* people — a person whose favorite holiday is Halloween, who still dresses up every year despite being in my thirties, and who loves, loves, LOVES, carving pumpkins. Maybe too much.

A couple of years ago, after watching far too many pumpkin carving…

The Dark Side of Being Someone’s Protégé

The road to professional hell is paved with good intentions. And there are no people more well-intentioned than mentors.

Suave, successful, experienced, they’ve been around the block, they’ve seen the movie before, and no, this isn’t their first rodeo. Now, these mentors, these gods living among us mere mortals, have…

And What They Tell You About a Company’s Culture

Recruiters have always relied on a bit of the ole razzle-dazzle to lure in job candidates. And who can blame them? When companies, especially startups, are looking to hire the best and brightest, it makes sense that they’d highlight their most attractive qualities and downplay their less attractive ones.


Don’t Gloss Over Your Table of Contents

There she is, the writer, perched on her chair, sitting in front of her typewriter, or computer, or — let’s face it — smartphone. The tea has been poured. The candles have been lit. And now, the blank page beckons. It is time to write a best-selling book.

Only…that’s not…

Get off social media and do some work

“So, Erik, how many Twitter followers do you have?”

That was an actual interview question I was asked, many moons ago, when I applied to work at the marketing software company HubSpot.

To be clear, the question didn’t catch me off guard. I’d done my research. I knew it was…

The Lycanthropic Lore Behind the Oscar-Nominated Animated Feature

photo of a wolf howling in the woods

It was only a matter of time before I wrote a post about WolfWalkers, one of my favorite films (animated or otherwise) of the past year.

Then, a couple of days ago, I saw the news: Tomm Moore and the other creative geniuses at the Kilkenny, Ireland-based animation studio Cartoon…

(Note: This post originally appeared on IrishMyths.com. As a reader-supported site, we may earn a small affiliate commission when you buy through our links.)

A quick exercise to get us started: What words and phrases come to mind when you think of Saint Patrick?

Pious? Holy? Snake-driver? Shamrock-wielder? Pagan-tamer? Wearer-of-the-green?

At last, at last, Thanksgiving is here!

A day for turkey and taters and football and beer.

Your family all gathers, the young and the old,

Babies are passed ‘round for grandparents to hold.

At halftime, it’s clear Pop has had too much booze,

He’s wearing his MAGA hat and…

Erik Devaney

Full-time stay-at-home dad, part-time ghostwriter, retired pub musician, recovering marketer

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