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A quick exercise to get us started: What words and phrases come to mind when you think of Saint Patrick?

Pious? Holy? Snake-driver? Shamrock-wielder? Pagan-tamer? Wearer-of-the-green?

What about slave? Abolitionist? Lady-lover? Shape-shifter? Necromancer? Or even… murderer?

Given St. Patrick’s status as an exalted figure not only in Irish history, but also world history (see quotation from Irish poet, dramatist, and author Seumas MacManus below), it should come as no surprise that the facts and fictions concerning…

At last, at last, Thanksgiving is here!

A day for turkey and taters and football and beer.

Your family all gathers, the young and the old,

Babies are passed ‘round for grandparents to hold.

At halftime, it’s clear Pop has had too much booze,

He’s wearing his MAGA hat and watching Fox News.

“The election was rigged! We must stop the steal!”

“Joe Biden’s a commie! Our nation can’t heal!”

“Tucker Carlson was right, he said they would try this.”

“The Dems stole the election and manufactured the virus.”

And the whole gaslit family believes Pop is right.

They don’t…

“I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more I have of it.”

The quote above has been (spuriously) attributed to Thomas Jefferson for decades. Origins aside, it’s a quote that encapsulates a viewpoint that you can often find being touted here on Medium, whether it’s in the form of a business guru exalting the virtue of “hustle,” or in the form of a successful entrepreneur arguing that anyone can achieve a similar level of success through individual hard work and sacrifice. (DHH refers to this literary style as “I-did-it-all-by-myself heroic myth mongering.”)

I won’t beat a dead horse. You’ve probably read an article or two in recent years about the limitations of personality tests, like the Myers-Briggs and the DiSC assessment — the latter of which was based on the work of William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman and a vocal proponent of polyamory and bondage. (👈 Companies typically don’t mention that part before making you take the DiSC assessment.)

What researchers came to realize and what you’ve probably come to realize is that most work conflicts aren’t due to personality, but instead have more nuanced and complex underlying causes, which…

MICROCLIMATE WEATHER ALERT! MICROCLIMATE WEATHER ALERT! There have been reports of a strange, wet substance falling from the skies. School closures expected. Traffic predicted to (somehow) be worse than usual. Hug your loved ones goodbye — this could be the End of Days.

On 101 and 280 and especially on 17, the armadas of Teslas hydroplane in unison. An inherited-wealth ingrate in a million-dollar sports car (a Montessori school graduation present) weaves between traffic going a hundred miles-per-hour and inevitably spins out and crashes into the guardrail. …

Most of today’s best practices around lead generation inevitably end up focusing on the same thing:

Optimizing your lead capture forms, as well as the calls-to-action (CTAs) that point to them.

For a lot of marketing teams, generating leads via the company blog means sending blog visitors to a landing page where they can download gated content.

That’s been the playbook for a decade.

But here’s why that playbook no longer works:

Today, 81% of tech buyers who come across gated content don’t fill out the form. So they often end up going elsewhere for that information.

Just imagine if…

If you work in the tech world, chances are you’ve heard of — or more likely, you’ve used — the video conferencing application Zoom.

At Drift, Zoom has become our go-to tool for running company meetings and hosting webinars.

And based on Zoom’s 700,000 business customers, which include half of the companies in the Fortune 50, it’s clear that a lot of other teams are seeing its value, too.

Every year, Forbes releases its Cloud 100 list, a list of the 100 “hottest private tech companies in cloud computing.”

And every year, marketers are always eager to check out that list to see which companies have been growing, and to try to figure out how they got their edge.

So when Forbes announced its Cloud 100 companies for 2017, we got an idea:

Let’s put on our detective hats and analyze what the marketing teams from those companies are doing, day-to-day.

From what tools and technologies they’re using, to the types of content they’re publishing, to the quality of…

The average salesperson spends 20% of their time on administrative tasks.

A 2015 study on sales productivity found that the typical salesperson spends 20% of their time on administrative tasks.

That’s 20% of a sales rep’s time that could be spent having one-to-one-conversations and building relationships with potential customers (a.k.a. “selling”), but is instead being squandered on tedious, repetitive tasks like reporting and updating fields in Salesforce.

Don’t get me wrong: Those administrative sales tasks are hugely important. The issue is that your sales reps (who are human beings, I’m assuming) aren’t as well-suited to doing those types of tasks as intelligent bots are.

A New Way to Think About Bots

During the early days of artificial intelligence

I’ve finally been able to put my finger on what makes sales and marketing alignment so elusive.

It isn’t that our personalities clash too much, or that we’re not willing to collaborate.

The underlying issue is that the system we have in place — where Marketing is focused on generating leads and Sales is focused on closing those leads — makes it easy for the two teams to blame one another in the event a goal isn’t hit.

Marketing will blame Sales for not following up with leads fast enough, while Sales will blame Marketing for sending over bad leads…

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